We want to make climate action affordable.

So we have.

Plant trees from £1, $1 and €1, with no onboarding fees or minimum spend. 

How much does it cost to plant a tree?

Tree planting costs

Platform costs


Use the (more:trees) platform, API, website widget and partner logos for free.

Tree planting

From £1/tree

Plant trees from £1, with no minimum spend or monthly requirement.


From £4/mo

Set up a monthly subscription from £4/month (annual discounts available).

Carbon offsets


Purchase carbon offsets to suit your budget and required volume.

Local currencies

Payment options

Pay as you plant

Pay when you plant or gift trees on the platform.


Purchase tree planting credits to exchange for trees.

Auto top-up

Customise your account to automatically top-up.


Create a subscription plan to plant monthly or annually.

Payment by credit card, debit card or bank transfer.

Invoices on arrangement. 

Pricing FAQs

No – joining (more:trees) is absolutely free. 

Yes – you can create a custom subscription on the platform. 

There is no minimum spend. 

Credits are a form of pre-loading your account so you don’t have to make a new purchase every time you plant trees.

Credits are required if you’re automating tree planting or planting via bulk upload.

They cost exactly the same (1 credit = £1 = 1 tree).

Yes! Set up your (more:trees) account to automatically top up when you fall below a certain level. E.g. – top up my account by £100 when I fall below £5.

Yes. There might be more expensive options and projects on the platform, but there are also £1 options.

Yes, all tree planting prices are inclusive of VAT.

Plant a tree for £1