How much does it cost?

We want carbon offsetting to be affordable

So we made it

Buy trees as you need them

Purchase trees as you plant them on the platform

Trees from £1

Bulk buy credits

Top up your account with credits to use for automated and bulk tree planting.

1 credit = £1

Pricing FAQs

No – joining MoreTrees is absolutely free. 

Not yet (but it’s coming!) Until then, you can set up a standing order.

There is no minimum spend. 

Eco-credits are a form of pre-loading your account so you don’t have to make a new purchase every time you plant trees. Eco-credits are required if you’re automating tree planting or planting via bulk upload. They cost exactly the same (1 credit = £1 = 1 tree).

We believe that eco-credits can be classified as cost of goods sold or promotional expenses. However, please seek advice from your accountant first. 

Not yet, but it’s coming! In the meantime, you can automate a notification anytime your credits fall below a certain level via Zapier (we can help you with this). 

Yes – our trees start from £1.