Age Clothing

A tree planted for every order

Being a carbon-neutral business is a simple yet crucial factor for the young and aspiring owners of AGE Clothing. 

Adam, George and Elliot have worked hard to build a designer streetwear brand that turns heads with its modern designs, high quality materials and commitment to long-lasting fashion. 

They wanted to break the mould of fast fashion and provide customers with clothing they wanted to wear again-and-again, and importantly, could wear again-and-again. 



Designer streetwear


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A tree for every £20+ order

A brand with a difference

Providing customers with an alternative to fast fashion wasn’t enough; AGE Clothing wanted to do more.

AGE Clothing wanted to be a carbon-neutral business that rewarded its customers in the most environmentally friendly way possible. And this, is when they stumbled across (more:trees).

Using the (more:trees) platform, AGE Clothing is able to plant a tree for every £20 spent, but that’s not all. 

AGE’s customers all receive a customised email about their tree, creating complete transparency while increasing the number of positive touchpoints with customers post-purchase. 

We wanted to burst onto the fashion scene with a bang – bringing high-quality fabrics and attractive designs that make wearers stand out from the crowd at a price they can afford.

Planting trees to change the world

For AGE Clothing, becoming carbon-neutral was a simple but hugely important way to play its part in combating climate change and rebuilding habitats in the wild.

Every tree they and their customers plant goes on to help sequester CO2, alleviate extreme poverty and support natural habitats and biodiversity. 

Changing the world of fashion is only great if you have a world to do it in. 

Playing a more active role in restoring forests and sequestering carbon means that we can protect our planet against climate change and secure its future for generations to come. 

Quick integration

It was important to AGE Clothing that tree planting and carbon sequestering was simple – they’re busy guys after all. 

Using the (more:trees) platform, they can plant one tree for every £20 spend in a matter of seconds.

The platform is so easy to use and simple to set up, there really is no excuse to not play your part and start planting trees.

If you’d like to learn more about AGE Clothing and support their great work, head to to browse their stunning collection of streetwear.

And, if you’d like to add (more:trees) to your eCommerce store, sign up or click below to learn more.