About us

You want to offset your carbon.

But offsetting isn't always easy.

We're here to change that.

We want to give everyone an easy and cost-effective way to offset carbon – whether you’re a business, individual or charity. 

We all know that climate change is our greatest threat, and that now is the time to take action before it’s too late. But taking action isn’t easy. It’s confusing, expensive, time-consuming and not that user-friendly. 

Until now. 

With our technical expertise and our tree planting partner’s global projects, we provide everyone with an easy and cost-effective way to plant trees and save the planet

Imaging planting a tree at the click of a button or every time someone makes an online purchase, orders a taxi, signs up as a customer, travels to a meeting, or follows you on social media.

And, imagine how that tree can offset carbon, help the planet, feed a family, shelter an animal and support a community.

Now, imagine that tree costing only £1.

With MoreTrees, you don’t have to imagine. 


Niki Tibble


I'm Niki - I'm the creative so I'm responsible for (nearly) everything non-technical to do with MoreTrees - including keeping the office plants alive. 

My background is in law (but we won't go into that) and copywriting, and I've worked with tech and eCommerce start-ups across the world, helping them bring their vision into words. 

My motivator is making it as easy as possible for individuals and businesses to offset the carbon emissions they can't eliminate because, let's face it, we're one of the final generations that can make a true difference. 

Outside of MoreTrees, you can find me running, moaning about running, eating ice cream and writing about porridge.


Alan Wilson


I'm Alan - I'm the techie so I'm responsible for everything to do with the MoreTrees platform and (my favourite part) the API. 

This isn't my first start-up but it's the first start-up I've felt truly passionate about what' we're achieving. 

For me, I love the fact that we're using technology to help businesses become greener - but what really motivates me is the poverty alleviate aspect. 

Nothing hurts my heart more than thinking there are children across the world going hungry tonight. If we can help give someone a skill and a wage to feed their family, by planting trees, then we can make a huge impact.

Outside of MoreTrees, you can find me travelling, cycling, falling off my bike, healing, cycling again and watching football. 


Plant a tree - offset your carbon

How it works

Buy eco-credits

Buy eco-credits to exchange for tree planting.

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Plant trees

Plant trees for your company or yourself.

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Gift trees

Plant trees for customers, friends and others.

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Automate trees

Integrate your systems to automate tree planting.

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