We’ve moved to .eco

One of the hardest things about building a start-up isn’t the late nights, financial commitment, complex tech, multiple jobs, neverending to-do list or the professional (and personal) reputation you’re putting on the line.

It’s picking a name.

In the very (very) early days, MoreTrees was known as “the meeting room button”, which quickly became “Platify”.

We actually really liked the name Plantify, but there was a problem. The domain.

Finding a domain name we liked

Finding a name we liked that had a recognisable domain name was probably the biggest and most challenging task of getting live.

We spent days, nights and weekends reading the dictionary, and Google Domains checking every name we loved, only to find that it had been bought by one of those pesky domain hoarders.

Luckily, we fell across the name MoreTrees and fell in love. It’s simple, catchy and says what it does on the tin – our kind of name.

We immediately registered moretrees.co for beta testing, with the plan to migrate to moretrees.eco for the live version.

And, here we are.

What is .eco?

.eco is a domain (web address ending) for: 

Those committed to positive change for the planet.

That’s us.

We’ve registered moretrees.eco alongside a commitment to environmental action – namely, making it easy for businesses and individuals to take climate action and help sequester CO2 in the future by planting trees.

.eco domains are a trusted symbol for those working towards a sustainable future, and we hope you’ll join us on this domain by planting trees and sending people to your virtual forest.

So, change your favourite bookmarks to:


And let’s plant a billion trees!

Niki & Alan