Getting started videos


Below, you'll find a selection of short videos, designed to help you get started with the platform and planting trees. 

(more:trees) - a brief overview

4.5 minutes

Learn more about (more:trees) and how you can use the platform to plant trees for yourself, your business and others. 

Video one - creating a (more:trees) account

1 minute

Learn how to create a (more:trees) account and access the main dashboard.

Video two - updating your profile & email message

1.5 minutes

Learn how to update your profile information and add a custom email message when planting for others.

Video two(2) - email templates

6 minutes

Learn how to select, edit and create your own email template.

Video three - funding your (more:trees) account

3 minutes

Pre-load your account with eco credits, and learn how auto top-up works.

Video four - accessing partner resources

2 minutes

Access your (more:trees) partner resources, including logos, a website widget and your virtual forest.

Video five - planting for yourself/business or creating a subscription

3 minutes

Learn how to plant trees for yourself or your business on (more:trees), including subscriptions

Video six - planting trees for others

7 minutes

Learn how to plant trees for others, either manually, by bulk upload or via subscription - as well as how to customise the outgoing email. 

Video seven - integrations overview (including API)

2.5 minutes

Discover the different ways to automate tree planting, including our API, Zapier and IFTTT integrations.

Video eight - automating with Zapier

9 minutes

Following our step-by-step guide for setting up a Zapier integration and automation (Zap).

Video nine - automating with IFTTT

5 minutes

Following our step-by-step guide for setting up an IFTTT integration and automation (Applet)

Need more help?

Check out our written user guides or email [email protected].