IFTT guide

Using the (more:trees) IFTTT integration

The MoreTrees IFTTT integration allows you to integrate MoreTrees with your other apps and software to automatically plant trees for yourself and others.

Creating a (more:trees) applet

After logging into IFTTT, the platform will walk you through the following steps, to integrate (more:trees) with your chosen application. 

1. Log into IFTT and find the (more:trees) service

2. Click Connect, review the permissions and click Allow

3. Choose an existing applet, or create your own by clicking Create in the top right corner

4. On the Create your own If This Then That page, click Add and choose the trigger service and event.

Note, if you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to connect your chosen service to IFTTT by following the on-screen instructions

5. Follow the on-screen instructions for choosing the trigger event, and then click Create trigger.

In this example, I’m creating a trigger every time I complete a task in Trello.

6. Back on the Create your own If This Then That page, click Add and choose (more:trees).

Select whether you want the trigger to plant a tree for yourself or someone else. 

7. If you’re planting a tree for someone else, complete the on-screen instructions on where the recipient’s name and email address should be pulled from. 

8. Save and finish the applet, and watch your forest automatically grow.

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