Terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions


  • MoreTrees will undertake to plant trees in the locations specified on the MoreTrees Platform submission.
  • Trees will be planted within 19 months of the receipt of payment.
  • MoreTrees reserves the right to determine which sites to plant trees if the specified site becomes unavailable.
  • MoreTrees reserves the right to determine which tree types to plant if the specified tree types become unavailable.
  • If and to the extent MoreTrees cannot complete tree planting funded by the User, MoreTrees will return those funds not used to plant trees to the User, unless otherwise directed.
  • Any purchased “eco credits” on the platform (pre-loaded monies) that have not been used to plant trees by the User within 12 months of purchase, will automatically be used to plant trees at the sites chosen by MoreTrees.