Tree planting subscriptions to suit your footprint

Offset your monthly emissions with a tree planting subscription.

You can even subscribe for others, too.

Small change, big impact


Climate change is harming our planet, but if we all make a small change, we can make a big impact.

(more:trees) enables you to plant trees on a monthly basis, so you can make a better impact on our planet with ease.

Subscribe monthly

Plant trees automatically every month and receive a bonus carbon offset.

Subscribe annually

Plant trees automatically every year and receive a 20% discount.

Subscribe for others

Gift a tree planting subscription to friends, customers or employees.

How it works

1. Create your subscription

Choose from a £4, £8 or custom monthly subscription

2. Enter your payment details

We'll take a recurring payment using the details entered on the platform

3. Receive monthly updates

Every month, we'll automate tree planting on your behalf and send you an email detailing your impact.

4. Keep track

Watch your virtual forest and offsetting stats grow in the dashboard

Behind the scenes, we work with tree planting partners across the world, bringing you a variety of projects to support and ensuring your trees are planted, cared for and supporting wider community benefits.

Pricing & benefits


4 trees planted

1 UN carbon credit*

1T CO2 offset**


8 trees planted

2 UN carbon credits*

2T CO2 offset**


X trees planted

X UN carbon credits*

XT CO2 offset**

20% discount on annual subscriptions


Where will my trees be planted

We'll facilitate the planting of your trees in one of our partner forests across the world.

What is a UN carbon credit?

Your monthly subscription includes a A UN CER (certified emission reducation) credit. This is generated from an emission-reduction project in a developing country (such as wind farms or energy-efficient cooking stoves).

What is the total offset?

Each tree offsets an estimated 0.3t of CO2 over a 25-year growth period. For each tree, we issue a 0.25t UN Carbon Credit, which has been verified and already offset.

How much should I offset per month?

The amount of CO2 you or your business generates each month depends on different factors.

The UK Government has a useful guide on measuring your greenhouse gas emissions. This will help you choose the right monthly package for you, your business or your employees.

Carbon Independent estimates the average carbon footprint in the UK as 9.84 tonnes CO2 per person, per year. That's 0.82t per month.

We also have a handy travel calculator here.

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