One tree planted for...

Sometimes it's the little things that matter most, such as one tree planted in one of our forests across the world.

Offsetting carbon, helping communities, and nourishing the planet.


One tree planted for...

Your business

Offset the unavoidable carbon
involved in running your business.

Your customers

Show customers you care by
offsetting carbon on their behalf.

Your employees

Upgrade your employee
benefits to ones that matter.

Tree planting use cases

One tree planted for eCommerce

Plant one tree for every online order, new customer, newsletter signup or review.

One tree planted for events

Plant one tree for every event registration, attendee, guest speaker, or competition winner.

One tree planted for recruitment

Plant one tree for every new candidate, new client, job offer or placement.

One tree planted for accountants

Plant one tree for every new client, accepted quote, paid invoice or tax return.

One tree planted for transactions

Plant one tree for every transaction, whether that's one tree planted for every order, invoice, review, quote, or contract.

How it works

1. Log in

Create a free MoreTrees account to access your dashboard

2. Plant trees

Plant trees to offset the carbon emissions you can't eliminate

3. Gift trees

Plant trees for customers, clients, friends and family.

4. Auto-notify people

Send people a customisable email when you plant a tree for them.

Or plant automatically with our API

We then work with tree planting partners across the world to plant your trees and start making a difference.

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Carbon offsetting to suit your business

We want to make sustainability as easy as possible for your business. 

So we have. 

MoreTrees is a UK tree planting platform that enables you to offset you carbon by planting trees in bulk, automatically or on behalf of others – whenever you want to. 

Our tech and our tree planting projects do all the heavy lifting (and digging) – all you have to do is plant. 

Plant trees as your go and when you want to

Plant trees in bulk via CSV

Use our API to automatically plant trees

Plant trees for others as a thank you

Offsetting transparency

We want to help you show people you're as green as you say you are


Quickly see your tree planting, gifting and CO2 stats - including tree locations.


Pick from our vetted partner projects, forests and trees from across the world.


Customise the automated message that gets sent to anyone you plant a tree for.


Send and access a tree planting certificate, held online.

The difference one tree planted makes

One small tree, lots of benefits

Planting one tree per customer, per invoice, per order or per event attendee might seem like a small gesture but it has tremendous consequences. 

One tree planted is one more tree tackling the fight against climate change, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and helping stop global warming. 

One tree planted is one more tree feeding a family, supporting a community, providing for an animal and nourishing the planet. 

One tree planted to offset CO2

One tree planted to help reverse deforestation

One tree planted to support communities

One tree planted to make a difference