Helping you make a greener impact

Plant trees for yourself, your friends and your family at the touch of a button

Sometimes, the little actions make the biggest difference


Climate change is harming our planet, but if we all make a small change, we can make a big impact.

More Trees enables you to plant trees for yourself, your household and others so you can help sequester carbon dioxide and protect our planet's future.

Plant trees
for your household

Help sequester future carbon emissions by planting trees

Plant trees
for others

Gift trees for birthdays,
Christmas and 'just because'

Plant trees
on subscription

Subscribe to monthly or annual
tree planting to offset your everyday activities

How it works

1. Sign up to More Trees

Create a free More Trees account and log into your dashboard

2. Plant trees for you, your household and others

Choose from a selection of projects and plant directly on the platform or by spreadsheet upload

3. Plant trees on subscription or automatically

Set up a monthly carbon offsetting subscription or use our fun integrations to automatically plant trees upon certain actions

4. Share your impact

Share the positive impact you're having on the planet, by growing your virtual forest and unlocking member badges

Behind the scenes, we work with tree planting partners across the world, bringing you a variety of projects to support and ensuring your trees are planted, cared for and supporting wider community benefits.

We wanted to make climate action easy.

So we have.

Our platform allows you to plant trees across the world at a click, in bulk or via subscription. And our integrations allow you to plant trees automatically

Imagine the positive impact you can have by planting a tree every time you finish a run, order a taxi, make a payment, turn the heating up or ask Alexa to. 

With tree planting from £1, you don't have to imagine.

One platform: tonnes of features

Personalised dashboard

Monitor your tree planting activity, with access to tree planting certificates, records of planting and overall impact.

Personal flexibility

Choose from a variety of projects and methods to suit you, including manual planting, monthly subscriptions and gifting.

Fun resources

Promote your partnership and impact with (more:trees), with access to member logos, a website widget and unique virtual forest.

Plant trees for others

Plant for customers, clients, friends and more, automatically sending a customised email about their tree and its ongoing impact.

Technical integrations

Automate tree planting for personal actions (such as turning the heating on) or business actions (such as making a sale).

Offset your footprint

Create a custom subscription to offset the carbon footprint of your lifestyle and household.

Individual use cases

The great thing about More Trees is that it’s flexible. 

Whether you’re looking to plant a tree for every online purchase, car journey, holiday or just because, (more:trees) enables you to do so, with ease. 

Example use cases include:


Planting a tree for every online delivery, heating use, credit card payment or crypto investment.

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Planting a tree for every car journey, train travel, international flight and more.

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Planting a tree for wedding favours, Christmas cards, birthday gifts and special occasions.

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Planting a tree for every trail run, bike ride, photograph, rainy day and more.

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How we do it

We partner with tree planting partners across the world who work with local communities to restore healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty. 

By planting trees you help sequester future CO2 emissions while providing co-benefits such as water filtration, shelter, food sources, poverty alleviation and biodiversity. 

The more trees you plant, the more you help.

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Platform costs

Free to use

Tree planting

From £1/tree


From £4/mo

Small change. Big impact.