IFTTT guide

Step-by-step instructions for connecting (more:trees) with IFTTT After creating a free IFTTT account:

1. Log into your (more:trees) account and go to main menu > integration > IFTTT

2. Click Connect your account 

3. On the IFTTT (more:trees) page, click Connect

4. Review the permissions on the pop-up page and click Allow

You have now connected your (more:trees) account. Now it’s time to create an automation:

5. On the (more:trees) IFTTT page, click Create

6. Create the “If this” action by clicking Add and searching for the application you want to automate with (e.g. Trello) – if you haven’t done so already you will be prompted to connect this application to IFTTT

7. Follow the on-screen instructions for creating the action and, once complete, click Create trigger

8. Create the “Then that” action by clocking Add and searching for (more:trees)

9. Select whether you want to plant for yourself or plant for someone else.

If selecting to plant for someone else, either enter their details or click Add ingredient to tell IFTTT where to pull this information from

10. Click Create action and then Continue

11. Choose whether you want to be notified when the automation happens, and then click Finish

Note, that when automating via (more:trees) it’s useful to set up auto top-up so you balance of eco credits never runs out.

See also: Zapier

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