Alexa – plant me a tree! New platform integrations

“Alexa – plant me a tree!” MoreTrees announces IFTTT integration

Imagine automatically planting a tree every time you took an Uber, turned the heating up, paid with your Monzo card or asked Alexa to. With the new MoreTrees IFTTT integration, you don’t have to imagine – it’s now possible. 

We started MoreTrees with the goal to make tree planting and carbon offsetting as easy as possible.

For some, this means planting trees in a click or by uploading a spreadsheet. But for most, this means planting trees automatically.

And today, we can finally announce the MoreTrees integration with IFTTT – allowing you to plant tree automatically in a variety of situations.

  • Turn the heating up – plant a tree
  • Pay on your Monzo card – plant a tree
  • Someone at the door – plant a tree
  • Use Alexa – plant a tree
  • Post to Instrgam – plant a tree
  • Complete a task on your Todoist – plant a tree
  • Add an event to Google Calendar – plant a tree

We could go on for ever!

IFTTT (IF This Then That) is an online service that allows you to connect your everyday apps and devices together to trigger different responses depending on the situation. For example: if it’s snowing outside, turn the heating up.

Excitingly, you can now use IFTTT to connect MoreTrees to your apps and services, triggering tree planting in different situations. This could be in obvious situations (if I’m taking an Uber, plant me a tree), important situations (if there’s a birthday in my calendar, plant them a tree) or random situations (Hey Google! Plant me a tree.)

Yes, that’s right. You can automatically plant trees for yourself or others – sending them an automated email about their tree at the same time. 

IFTTT connects with many different platforms and services, including Google Sheets, Salesforce, Square, Sonos, Alexa, Spotify, Monzo, Google Home, Roomba, Hive, Hue, Octopus Energy and many more.

To celebrate the integration and Earth Day, IFTTT is running the IFTTT Earth Day Challenge to see who can come up with the best If This Then That suggestion for MoreTrees. The challenge is taking place over ten days, which means 10 chances to win between now and Earth Day on 22 April.

For the chance to the chance to have 100 trees planted on your behalf and a Pro IFTTT subscription – head over to their Earth Day Challenge page.

Or, to create your own MoreTrees IFTTT sequence, sign up to IFTTT for free, here.