Helping your business make a bigger impact

Offset your carbon easily, cost-effectively and transparently.

You can even gift trees to customers too.


Sometimes it's the little things that count...

Plant trees
for your business

Offset the unavoidable carbon
involved in running your business.

Plant trees
for customers

Show customers you care by
offsetting carbon on their behalf.

Plant trees
for employees

Upgrade your employee
benefits to ones that matter.

How it works

1. Log in

Create a free MoreTrees account and login to your dashboard

2. Plant trees

Plant trees to offset your business carbon emission footprint

3. Gift trees

Plant trees when you receive an order, run payroll, invoice & more

4. Auto-notify people

Send a customisable email when you plant

Or plant automatically with our API

We then work with our tree planting partners to plant your tree.

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Carbon offsetting to suit your business

We want to make helping the planet as easy as possible for your business. 

So we have. 

MoreTrees enables you to offset you carbon by planting trees when you need to, in bulk, automatically or on behalf of others. 

Our tech and our tree planting partners do the hard work for you – all you need to do is get planting.

Plant trees as & when you need to

Offset carbon in bulk via spreadsheet

Offset carbon automatically using our API

Plant for customers, employees & others

Offsetting transparency

Avoid the label of 'greenwashing' with our offsetting transparency.


Quickly see how many trees you've planted and how much CO2 you've offset.


Pick from our selection of verified partner projects, forests and trees from across the world.


Send an automated and customisable message whenever you plant a tree for someone else.


Send and access a certificate confirming the trees you've planted.

Virtual forest

Share your tree planting stats and badges with your virtual forest page

See for yourself