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Hello world, welcome to MoreTrees.

Since this is our first blog, we thought we best introduce ourselves and explain what MoreTrees is all about.

What is MoreTrees?

MoreTrees is an online platform that helps people like you take impactful climate action by planting trees across the world.

With MoreTrees you can plant trees one at a time, in bulk or automatically (via CSV). You can plant trees for yourself, your company or your charity. And you can gift trees to customers, clients, friends and anyone else.

It’s an easy and affordable way to help the planet sequester CO2 emissions…oh yeah, did we forget to mention each tree costs as little as £1?

What else is MoreTrees?

It’s not just carbon that you’re helping sequester either.

Every tree planted with MoreTrees is a tree that helps tackle extreme poverty, builds communities, reverses the effects of deforestation and provides a habitat for wildlife.

Why did you start MoreTrees?

We started MoreTrees because we realised that climate action, carbon sequestration and offsetting wasn’t always easy or cheap.

There’s growing government, organisational, peer and self-pressure to become more environmentally conscious. But, knowing how to calculate your carbon emissions, understanding how you can help the future, and actually doing it is easier said than done.

So, we made it easier and cheaper for everyone to take part.

How do I use MoreTrees?

Getting started with MoreTrees is simple:

  1. Sign up to the platform
  2. Purchase eco-credits
  3. Select the number of trees and who you’re planting them for.

We tell you how much CO2 you’rehelping sequester, we email anyone you’ve planted a tree on behalf of, and we arrange the actual planting of the tree.

Who can use MoreTrees?

Anyone. You can use MoreTrees as an individual, business or customer.

MoreTrees also enables you to gift trees to others – whether that’s family and friends, clients and customers, or employees and colleagues. It’s a nice way to show you appreciate someone while also showing you appreciate the planet too.

What can I do with MoreTrees?

Aside from using MoreTrees to help sequester future CO2 emissions, MoreTrees can be used to:

  • Nurture leads by planting a tree every time you add a new contact to Salesforce.
  • Reward customers by automating a tree every time someone places an order on Shopify.
  • Engage audiences by gifting trees every time someone follows you on social media.
  • Promote your eco-credentials by planting trees for every external meeting you attend.

The possibilities are endless.

How much does it cost to plant a tree?

Our trees are available from £1 (1 eco-credit) – that’s a standard tree planted in any of our forests. This includes planting, watering and protecting.

You can use more eco-credits to choose the location of your tree (for example, in the UK), to plant a more-developed sapling, or to plant different tree types.

Or, you can keep it simple, at £1.

Who plants the trees and where are they planted?

We work with non-government organisations who hire and train local villagers to plant and care for new trees across the globe. We verify any NGO we work with and aim for a range of projects across the globe.

You can view our active tree planting projects to pick a project closest to your heart.

Our vision

Our vision is to plant one billion trees with you. But, it’s more than that.

We want to make tree planting as common as tipping, as quick as a click, as automated as possible and beneficial to everyone.

Come join us and plant a tree.

Plant a tree

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