You've been planted a tree

You've been planted a tree, which is going to make a huge impact.

What does this mean? Let's find out.

Your tree will make a big difference

Tree planting

Your tree will be planted and cared for in one of our partner's forests across the world.

Carbon sequestration

Each tree planted sequesters an estimated 0.3 tonnes of CO2 - helping the planet for generations to come.

Community building

Trees provide farmers and villagers with a skill and wage to feed and house their families, reducing extreme poverty.

Wildlife restoration

Trees also help reverse the effects of deforestation for animals, wildlife and the planet.

Pretty powerful, right?

Want to plant your own tree?

Your tree will be planted in one of our projects

We work with tree planting projects across the world, to bring you a variety of locations to support, with various co-benefits such as poverty alleviation, biodiversity and community support.

Your tree will be planted in one of our current projects, which includes:

(more:trees) - Project


Partnering with local communities to reforest one of the world’s top biodiversity conservation priorities.

More Trees - Image - Forests - Kenya


Working with partners to plant forests that channel water, supporting communities and wildlife.

Moretrees - website - projects haiti


Helping local farmers plant trees that protect watersheds and improve food security and supply.

How we do it

We partner with tree planting partners across the world who work with local communities to restore healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty. 

By planting trees you help sequester emissions while providing co-benefits such as water filtration, shelter, food sources, poverty alleviation and biodiversity. 

The more trees you plant, the more you help.

MoreTrees - website - how we do it (2)

Small change, big impact


Climate change is harming our planet, but if we all make a small change, we can make a big impact.

Sometimes it's the little things that count.

Receive trees

Receive trees from (more:trees) partners, as part of your purchase service, and more.

Plant trees

Plant trees for yourself or your business using the (more:trees) platform.

Gift trees

Plant trees for family, friends, customers, clients and more.

How it works

1. Sign up to (more:trees)

Create a free (more:trees) account and log into your dashboard

2. Plant trees in your name

Plant trees for yourself or your business, sequestering CO2 emissions

3. Plant trees in someone else's name

Plant for family, customers and others in a click, via CSV, by subscription or automatically

4. Keep track

Watch your virtual forest and sequestering stats grow in the dashboard

Behind the scenes, we work with tree planting partners across the world, bringing you a variety of projects to support and ensuring your trees are planted, cared for and supporting wider community benefits.

Jack Chambers
Love knowing that spending less than 5 minutes setting it up can make a world of difference. 🙌🏻💜
I LOVE this! This is great! Got to plant a tree with my MyProtein order 🥰
Joe Hamilton
Great idea, easy to do and good for the environment. I would urge all to give it a go.
Terry Hubble
what a great company a project to be running great fir environment I cant speak highly enough about these types of things
Richard john
thank you i really find this brilliant
Chetan Jain
Thank you for helping me to plant a tree.
Lauren Millington
Planted two trees 🌱 I planted two trees via a zavvi purchase. Easy to use and attractive website. Great experience.
Emma Grant
What a fantastic idea, well done My vegan, i am proud to part of doing something so special

We wanted to make climate action easy.

So we have.

Our platform allows you to plant trees across the world at a click, in bulk or via subscription. And our API allows you to plant trees automatically

Imagine the carbon you can sequester by planting a tree every time someone makes an online purchase, orders a taxi, signs up as a customer, travels to a meeting, or follows you on social media. Or, just because.

With tree planting from £1, you don't have to imagine.

Become a MoreTrees certified partner by planting trees for your business

One platform: tonnes of features

Personalised dashboard

Monitor your tree planting and sequestering activity, with access to tree planting certificates, records of planting and overall impact.

Personal flexibility

Choose from a variety of projects and planting methods to suit you, including manual planting, monthly subscriptions and gifting.

Business tools

Plant trees to suit your business, with bulk upload functionality, tree planting certificates, employee subscriptions, auto top-up and more.

Plant trees for others

Plant for customers, clients, friends and more, automatically sending a customised email about their tree and its ongoing impact.

Member resources

Promote your partnership and impact with (more:trees), with access to member logos, a website widget and unique virtual forest.

Technical integrations

Automate tree planting for personal actions (such as turning the heating on) or business actions (such as making a sale).

Small change. Big impact.


Platform costs

Free to use

Tree planting

From £1/tree


From £4/mo

Join us in planting a healthier planet