Even more MoreTrees platform updates

We want to make being a tree planting and planet-saving superstar as easy as possible. So, we’ve made taking climate action by planting trees for your business and self even easier.  

That’s right – we’ve listed to your feedback and we’ve added the following new features to your tree planting platform:

Auto top-up

Automatically planting trees is great – tree planting and carbon sequestration happens for you. 

But what isn’t so great is keeping an eye on when your eco credits are running low.

Thankfully, auto top-up is here to save the day. 

Now, you can customise your MoreTrees platform to automatically top up your account when your funds fall below a certain level. For example: when my credits fall below £10 top-up by £100. 

How? Just head to the Credits section on your account. 

Tree planting subscriptions

Want to make tree planting a regular thing? Some of you want to take things to the next level and commit to a monthly amount of tree planting, carbon sequestration and carbon offsetting (thank you!)

Now, you can. 

We’ve introduced tree planting subscriptions so you can automatically plant a set number of trees and offset a certain level of CO2 emissions per month (or per year if you fancy a discount). We even include UN carbon credits.

How? Just head to the Plant a tree section on your account. 

Website widget

Planting trees is great, viewing them on your dashboard is great, and accessing your virtual forest is great…but what about your own website?

Well, now you can add the MoreTrees widget to your website, to display your live tree count. Simply copy the widget HTML code from your settings on the platform

Instructions for all new features are in our user guide

Future updates

And, even more is coming. 

Our development team are busy working on some top-secret features to make planting trees with MoreTrees even better. 

Watch this space. 

If there’s a feature you’d love to see on MoreTrees, let us know!