A tree planted for every accepted quote

Youtopia want to be the most innovative & forward-thinking accountancy practice yet

Katherine and David set up Youtopia to offer a new experience to people fed up with the traditional, impersonal number-crunching ways of the accountancy industry. 

And they did.





Practice Ignition and Zapier


A tree for every quote accepted

Something different

David and Katherine stumbled across (more:trees) through LinkedIn, and immediately knew that this was the kind of forward-thinking, innovative tool they wanted to use for their clients.

“What really intrigued us was the automation. We loved the idea of planting a tree for every quote accepted on Practice Ignition – and was keen to find out if it was possible.”

Youtopia’s service-led approach to accounting made them the perfect match for (more:trees). 

We wanted to create an environment where innovation trumped tradition, collaboration came before anonymity, and where we could tailor our approach to the needs and characters of our clients.

Hands-free automation

After a couple of emails to check that (more:trees) matched Youtopia’s needs, David quickly automated their tree planting using Zapier. 

“It was really easy to integrate our Practice Ignition account with (more:trees). 

“We’re now proudly planting a tree for every quote accepted on the platform – helping us become a greener, more sustainable company in the most innovative way possible.”

Even more trees

Youtopia isn’t just planting trees for every accepted quote on Practice Ignition – nope, they’re more committed than that. 

This year, they’re sending greener Christmas card by planting a tree for their customers. 

Happy Christmas Youtopia!

If you’d like to know more about Youtopia and their refreshing approach to accounting, head to

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