Sixteen Rounds Tattoo

A tree planted for every tattoo

Sixteen Rounds Tattoo wanted to play a bigger part in helping the planet

Sixteen Rounds Tattoo is a modern tattoo studio located in Nicosia, Cyprus. 

With three talented and experienced resident artists, Sixteen Rounds doesn't have a problem with standing out from the crowd - but it wanted to do better. 

The team was eager to stand out, not just for its exceptional artwork, but for its impact on the planet, too. 




Tattoo studio




A tree for every tattoo

Resident artist Kompi got in touch with (more:trees) to find out exactly how easy it was for him to plant trees for his clients. 

After a quick live chat, Kompi was set up on the platform and ready to start planting immediately.

“Getting started with (more:trees) was super easy and quick – I was pleasantly surprised. 

The team was a great help in getting me started and I could begin planting a tree for every tattoo straight away.”

We’re always looking for ways to provide a better service for our clients but now it’s important to provide a better service for our planet. 

I heard about (more:trees) from a friend and immediately jumped at the thought of planting a tree for every tattoo I do.

1 tattoo = 1 tree = plenty of benefits

For Sixteen Rounds the overall positive impact of planting trees is the biggest benefit of partnering with (more:trees). 

As a keen cyclist, Kompi has a special appreciation for the environment and feels personally motivated to do more to protect it. 

For every tree planted, Kompi and his team can protect the planet, reduce carbon emissions, and support projects in developing countries. One small action, plenty of benefits. 

If you’d like to learn more about Sixteen Rounds and their work, head to their Facebook page: /SixteenRounds

And, if you’d like to plant trees for your customers, sign up or click below to learn more.