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Sustainability made easy

We want to make it easy for tech brands to benefit the planet and reverse deforestation for their business, customers and the planet.

So we have.

Whether you're looking to plant a tree for every sign up or action, offer (more:trees) as an integration to your customers or run a specific tree planting campaign, (more:trees) makes it easy, affordable and impactful.

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The benefits


Integrate (more:trees) and tree planting directly into your systems.


Plant trees with co-benefits such as carbon sequestration, reforestation and poverty alleviation.


Plant trees for just £1/tree, with a variety of projects to choose from.


Plant trees for others and share your impact with badges, logos and tree counts.

What you can do with (more:trees)

  • Plant trees for your tech brand
  • Plant trees for your users
  • Plant trees via API, Zapier and IFTTT
  • Plant trees via subscription
  • Plant trees by bulk upload

Tech use cases

The great thing about (more:trees) is that it’s flexible. 

Whether you’re looking to plant a tree for every users or integrate it direction into your platform, (more:trees) enables you to do so, with ease. 

Example use cases include:

Business offsetting

Subscribe to a monthly offsetting plan or purchase carbon offsets for your business. 


Integrating directly with our API to build tree planting into your systems and software.


Integrating via Zapier to create a workflow that automatically plants trees for you or your customers


Integrating via IFTTT to create an applet that automatically plants trees.

Plant a tree for £1